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Since 1970 - RWM Insurance (Rogers, Wollin & Moody) is an industry award winning, unique, independent brokerage firm licensed and actively serving 33 states.  No other agent or broker will give you more competitive pricing information.  Studies show almost all ‘independent’ agents only represent a very limited number of carriers.  In researching the best coverage for you, we evaluate every* company & policy in the USA.  By working for you, not an insurance company, our goal is to provide the absolute best performing policy at the lowest cost from a top rated company. 

*We also represent Carriers not available to other agents or brokers.  The financial press rates RWM's shopping system “the most objective and useful in the nation”.  (RWM is also known as Rogers, Wollin & Moody.) 

The best way to determine the amount, type and features of a Life and/or Disability insurance policy that makes sense for your particular situation is to speak with an experienced, licensed independent insurance agent.  RWM Insurance brokers have been serving clients since 1970, and will provide professional advice on what should work best. 

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Life Insurance falls into two main categories: Term and Permanent policies.

Term Life is the most popular and designed to meet temporary needs.  It provides protection with the lowest premium payment, but the death benefit is paid only if the insured dies during a selected period of 10 to 40 years.  Term often makes sense when the coverage need is temporary and will end (college graduation, mortgage, savings goals achieved, etc.).  The coverage needed is usually based upon the amount of earned income to be replaced.

A Guaranteed Universal Life insurance (GUL) policy is a hybrid.  It functions like Term, except rates are fixed to a specified age (90, 95, 100, 105, 110, and even 121) rather than a specified number of years.  Payments can also be designed to cease at specified age while coverage continues for your entire life.  These policies work great to leave an inheritance. 

Permanent Cash Value Life insurance is designed to stay in place for your entire life and eventually pay a death benefit.  Like a mortgage, you build equity with each payment.  The tax-favored account values can be available at any time, for any purpose, with no cost or taxation.  The policies RWM favor have the flexibility to pay more, less or even skip payments.  Some policies can be specially designed for performance and even provide income that matches or exceeds a 401k or Roth IRA.

Disability/ Income Replacement Insurance - Protect Your Greatest Asset - Your Income

Disability Insurance also known as Income Replacement Insurance is a critical component of coverage. The chance of becoming disabled is much higher than you might expect.  All statistics say basically the same thing – there's a good chance it could happen to you.  If you pay to protect your house, it sure makes sense to protect your paycheck (you are 20 times more likely to be disabled over 4 years than have a house fire). 

A potential catastrophic financial problem awaits if you …

  1. Believe that you are adequately covered by Group Long Term Disability insurance if/when an accident or illness prevents you from performing your job.  This relatively cheap employee benefit cannot provide adequate coverage for highly-compensated employees and professionals, and is therefore defective
  2. Think because you have a safe office job, you won't get disabled.  Accidents are NOT often the culprit - illnesses like neurological issues, cancer, heart disease cause about 90% of long-term disabilities.  
  3. Think because you have a safe desk job and a good healthy lifestyle, you won't get disabled.  It lowers your odds, but most disabilities have nothing to do with what we do for a living. 

Group LTD is designed to be basic coverage for the average employee. However, Group LTD Has Major Drawbacks

Group LTD is not designed to provide adequate coverage for highly compensated, white collar professionals.  An employer covers all employees regardless of their health, including high risk individuals.  To make it cheaper and affordable, coverage has to be restricted and guarantees removed. 

A. Inadequate Definition of disability for professionals (benefits discontinued if you are able to perform ANY occupation, like McDonald's, and may only cover a total disability, not partial which is more likely). 

B.  All Your Income Not Covered (only covers Base pay - excludes commission, bonus, stock, and overtime). 

C. Reduced Benefit Payments  (Pays 30%-60% of your base pay with maximum taxable monthly payments limited to as low as $5,000, or $60,000 a year.   The payment is further reduced by any monies received from Workman's Comp, SDI - State Disability, and Social Security Disability).

D. Not Portable, No Ownership, No Guarantees (you are renting coverage that can be changed or canceled at any time).       

The Solution

Do what financial experts recommend as the intelligent decision to protect both you and your family.  Eliminate a catastrophic risk and close your income replacement gap by supplementing Group LTD with quality individual coverage—a non-cancelable, guaranteed renewable disability policy.  This protects your standard of living by paying benefits in addition to all other disability payments if you are unable to perform your own occupation either full or part-time.  

The cost is relatively inexpensive, especially when you compare the cost, risk and asset size to other insurance like your home and auto protection.  Some say you can either make a little mistake by having coverage and never becoming disabled, or a big mistake by not having coverage and becoming disabled.  We can tailor the coverage, options and cost to fit your needs.  

A last thought – people buy Life insurance to protect their family from financial disaster, but are 4.5 times more likely to become disabled than die.  Having income disrupted by an illness or injury is like a "living death" -- all the hardships caused by passing away -- plus the ongoing expense to care for someone who is disabled (can be over $200,000 a year).

We can have a policy issued from any Disability carrier in the country so you the absolute best coverage for your needs and budget.

Principal, Standard Insurance, Ameritas, Ohio National, Assurity, UNUM , Berkshire/Guardian, Thrivent Financial, Primerica, Prudential, New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Hartford, Union Central, Lloyds of London  and more.

Getting the coverage that is right for you will depend on your unique circumstances and financial goals.  In some cases a combination of Term and Permanent Life insurance may be best.

Your most valuable (and largest) asset is your paycheck, the one thing that pays all expenses and makes owning all other assets possible.  Quality disability (income replacement) protection is needed more than any other type of insurance. 

Counting moneyProtect Your Greatest Asset - Your Income

The chance of becoming disabled is much higher than you might expect.  All statistics say basically the same thing – there's a good chance it could happen to you.  If you pay to protect your house, it sure makes sense to protect your paycheck (you are 20 times more likely to be disabled over 4 years than have a house fire). 



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