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In a 2018 survey by, about 1/3 of respondents said their families would experience financial hardship if one of the home’s breadwinners passed away. That’s why, if you are an income earner, you need to have life insurance available to help your loved ones if you die. READ MORE >>

Did you know there are ways that you can prepare for your life insurance mini-medical exam that can improve the likelihood that your application will be approved and at the lowest rate too? If you have concerns about any any health history that could impact your underwriting results, share... READ MORE >>

The face amount of a life insurance policy is the death benefit. This is the amount of money someone will receive after your death. You name the individual as your beneficiary. You can usually choose the policy to be in the amount of money you desire. Determining how much to choose for the face amount can be a challenge. READ MORE >>

Imagine this: Out of nowhere, you receive a diagnosis from your doctor that informs you that you have a terminal disease and only have less than a year to live. You feel that a train moving like a speeding bullet head-on has hit you. You are devastated and start to reflect on your life and your family’s quality of life if you don’t beat the illness. READ MORE >>

Retirement should be something to look forward to.  A time to indulge in favorite activities and explore new interests.  A time for friends and loved ones.  A time for reflection on a life well-lived.  READ MORE >>

In her book, ‘Food Cures,’ Joy Bauer tells what you can eat to be healthier By Joy Bauer, TODAY nutritionist I often tell my clients to take nutritional changes at a pace that feels comfortable to them. That’s not good enough when it comes to cardiovascular disease. READ MORE >>

As a general rule of thumb, any insurance policies that you currently have should be reviewed on an annual basis. Whether you’re an individual or a small business, this needs to be a regular financial practice for all insurance needs – after all, you don’t ever want to come up underinsured, or be paying for more than you need. READ MORE >>

The life insurance company you’ve never heard of is as good as the one which ran 10 TV commercials last night. A “Big Name” is not necessarily a better company. It generally means they advertise a lot, and the marketing cost is passed down to policyholders. Trust me …. READ MORE >>

Though group life insurance is a great deal, is it really all the insurance coverage that you need? Let RWM Insurance Brokers help you find affordable life insurance today In most cases your employer owns the group life insurance policy, and you will either receive it as an employee benefit or you can purchase it through your company's benefits plan voluntarily. READ MORE >>

People have two different attitudes regarding “cheap” things. Some are thrilled to know more about them or they immediately rush to get them, while others are not interested in anything labeled as such. But though money is tight for everybody, there are mandatory things that you need to do, even if you fall under the second category of customers. READ MORE >>

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