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So, you purchased a life insurance policy. Now your family is set and financially secure. That should be the end of it, right? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. It's recommended that you review your life insurance policy every year. Life brings about a lot of changes, and adjustments in your policy need to be made in response. READ MORE >>

The road to becoming a citizen in the U.S. is a long process. There is a lot to consider for you and your family. Getting life insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make. Fortunately, you can get life insurance if you have a Green Card or a Visa. READ MORE >>

Many physician residents and those in fellowship programs are married and may have children. This could mean that they have a net worth of zero — or, more likely, less than zero. Although student loans disappear at your death, consumer and mortgage loans are assessed against the value of your estate. READ MORE >>

When it comes time to enroll in your company’s benefits package, you may see an option to buy a supplemental group life insurance policy. It might seem like a tempting policy to buy if you are looking for a solution to your life insurance needs. READ MORE >>

When you apply for a term life insurance policy, the insurer may require you to undergo a health exam before they approve your application. You might not want to have this exam, and that thought might tempt you to apply for a type of policy called no-medical-exam life insurance. Be cautious, however. READ MORE >>

You and your spouse might agree that only one income can support your family. Therefore, the other spouse might be able to stay home to take care of the house, kids and other business. When setting up your life insurance options, you might wonder if this non-working spouse needs a policy on their own life. READ MORE >>

Almost all insurance companies will base customers’ premiums on factors called risks. Life insurance companies will use risk factors to set rates as well. So, if factors in your life pose higher risks to the insurer, then you might pay more for your life insurance. Why is this? READ MORE >>

The first contribution you stop making when you become disabled is to your 401K. If that happens, forget about a comfortable retirement. Without that retirement money, you and your loved ones will continue to struggle for years to make ends meet. You don’t need to sacrifice your retirement dreams. READ MORE >>

If you have never bought life insurance before, then the process might seem like a challenge. For help, consider frequently-asked questions those in your position often ask. 1. What is life insurance? Life insurance will pay out an amount of money if a person, whose life the policy insures, dies. READ MORE >>

In a 2018 survey by, about 1/3 of respondents said their families would experience financial hardship if one of the home’s breadwinners passed away. That’s why, if you are an income earner, you need to have life insurance available to help your loved ones if you die. READ MORE >>

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